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Troop Activity Calendar

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Meetings every Monday night (unless otherwise noted), 7:30 to 8:30 pm Maury Cafeteria, 600 Russell Road. Click here for a map.
No meetings when Alexandria schools are closed

Important Notifications:

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Notes About Meeting Location and Other Topics

Troop meetings are held in the cafeteria of Maury Elementary School. Click here for a map.

If we aren't in the cafeteria, there will be signs leading you to the meeting.

All Troop outings (such as backpacking, ski trips, and going to the Merit Badge Jamboree and sporting events) start by meeting on the sidewalk along Russell Road in front of Maury School (unless otherwise noted). The one typical exception to the rule that we meet in front of the school is the summer trip to Goshen Scout Camp (refer to your Goshen Scout Camp information packet for details specific to the Goshen trip).

Each Scout is delivered to his home at the end of every outing (except Scouts coming home from Goshen Scout Camp in the summer). The Permission Form for the trip and/or this web site will identify the approximate time when Scouts are predicted to be home. We are rarely earlier than the predicted time and we often somewhat later. Please excuse any lateness.

Please note that BSA policies prohibit the placement of detailed information, such as phone numbers and Scout names, on public web pages like this.
You can use the Troop roster to look up the necessary contact information.

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